You Are The Chosen Oneā€¦

Congrats! You made it. The next step is pretty easy, you'll just coordinate a time to meet with the landlord to sign your lease.

When you sign, almost all landlords are going to require a security deposit. Make sure you figure out the amount and desired method of payment ahead of time, and have it ready when it's time to sign the lease.

When paying, make sure you figure out with your roommates how much everyone is paying to reach the total amount.

Before you sign the lease, you're going to need to:

  • Talk to your guarantors (if they're helping you pay)
  • Get $$ ready (you'll need the first month's rent + the security deposit)
  • Read the entire lease to make sure it's what you expected

At this point, you just want to get that sucker signed so that you can get back to studying for "Survey of Indigenous Studies" and watching Netflix.

PolyRents Tips: What You Should Know

The Landlord Wants Your Money: The deposit amount will most likely be the first month's rent + the security deposit.

Smile, You're Done!: The process is over. You've signed the lease. Now get back to whatever it is you do.